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2012 Economic Census
Forms & Instructions

Information (Sector 51)

Sample Form(s) and Information Sheet(s)
Form No. Form Description Information Sheet(s)
IN-51059 [PDF] Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services (Enterprise Support) SV-SI-A_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51101 [PDF] Newspaper Publishing SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51102 [PDF] Book Publishing SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51103 [PDF] Periodical Publishing SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51104 [PDF] Greeting Card and Other Miscellaneous Publishing SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51105 [PDF] Directory and Mailing List Publishing SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51106 [PDF] Software Publishing SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51190 [PDF] Classification Form - Newspaper, Periodical, and Software Publishing N/A
IN-51202 [PDF] Motion Picture and Video Exhibition SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51204 [PDF] Motion Picture and Video Production and Distribution SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51205 [PDF] Postproduction Services and Other Motion Picture and Video Industries SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51206 [PDF] Record Production and Music Publishing SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51207 [PDF] Sound Recording Studios and Other Sound Recording Industries SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51250 [PDF] Motion Picture and Video Production and Distribution (Consolidated) SV-MP-Q_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51251 [PDF] Integrated Record Production and Distribution (Consolidated) SV-IR-Q_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51501 [PDF] Broadcasting Services SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51590 [PDF] Classification Form - Motion Picture and Video Production/Distribution and Broadcasting Services N/A
IN-51701 [PDF] Cable and Other Program Distribution SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51702 [PDF] Telecommunications SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51750 [PDF] Telecommunications (Consolidated) SV-TC-Q_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51751 [PDF] Cable and Other Program Distribution (Consolidated) SV-TC-Q_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51801 [PDF] Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51890 [PDF] Classification Form - Telecommunications, Data Processing and Related Services N/A
IN-51901 [PDF] Libraries and News Syndicates SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]
IN-51902 [PDF] Internet Publishing and Broadcasting SV-SI_I_12 [PDF]

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