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2012 Economic Census

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Changes for 2012 Economic Census

Good news! Not much has changed since 2007. However, we have made several improvements that should make filing easier, including:

  1. Electronic reporting is easier:

    Over the past 5 years we have incorporated many features requested by companies into our Census Surveyor software. We are now allowing companies with single locations to Report Online.

  2. More relevant content:

    Inquiries on purchase of contract manufacturing and receipts from contract manufacturing were added to selected forms to better measure changing business characteristics.

  3. More standardized product detail:

    Selected product categories for manufacturing, wholesale, and retail trade conform and/or were revised to conform to the North American Product Classification System (NAPCS). This continues the introduction of NAPCS that started in the 2002 Economic Census.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau | EC2012 BHS Team |   Last Revised: March 10, 2016 10:47:44