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2012 Economic Census

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Sector 54
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

This section provides information about Census coverage and reporting for establishments in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services sector.

 Establishments Covered

This sector includes establishments that provide specialized Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services to other businesses or individual clients. Qualification to provide these services typically requires a high degree of expertise, training or education, and may require formal certification. NAICS classifies establishments in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical sector using numbers that start with 54.

The Economic Census covers all Professional, Scientific, and Technical establishments that operated during all or part of calendar year 2012. Coverage includes a wide variety of specialized services. Examples include legal services; accounting, payroll, and tax services; architectural and engineering services; consulting services; research and laboratory testing services; advertising and direct mail services; computer systems and management services; photographic and translation services; and veterinary and other professional services.

 Census Mail Package

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Establishments with paid employees will receive a census mail package with several types of materials. The materials are similar in content, but customized to make reporting easier for different groups of covered establishments. Each establishment will receive either an Information Sheet and Census form, or a Classification form. Companies with multiple operating establishments will receive the appropriate Information Sheet for every group of similar forms, and not necessarily one Information Sheet for every form.

Information Sheets provide general information about the Census and instructions for reporting selected items on the Census form. Professional, Scientific, and Technical services establishments will receive either Information Sheet SV-ST_I_12 or SV-SM_I_12; or if they are enterprise support establishments, Information Sheet SV-ST-A_I_12.

Census Forms describe each data item for Professional, Scientific, and Technical services establishments, and provide instructions and formats for reporting them. Census forms for sector establishments are numbered PS-54xxx.

Questions and Forms in this Sector

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