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2012 Economic Census

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What's Asked in the 2012 Economic Census

Statistics collected in the Economic Census vary by sector and form. You should review the form for your industry as soon as it becomes available.

A - All industries S - Selected industries C - Construction M - Manufacturing Mi - Mining Wh - Wholesale
1 Only for locations receiving form MA-10000 (Annual Survey of Manufactures).

Major Data Items Collected by Industry in the 2012 Economic Census

Form item no. Item description Retail, Wholesale,
Other services
Manufacturing, Mining, Construction
7  All employees A A
7  Production/construction workers   A
7  Worker hours   M,Mi
 Labor Costs
7  Total payroll A A
7  Worker wages   A
7  Fringe benefits   A
 Measures of Output
5  Total value of sales, shipments, receipts, or revenue A A
6  Electronic commerce1   M
19  Kind of business/Type of operation A S
20  Class of customer S  
21  Method of selling S  
22  Detail of sales, shipments, receipts, or revenue (products) A A
23  Type of construction   C
24  Shipping and handling S  
25  Exported services S  
 Assets, Expenditures, Inventories
9,10,11  Inventories S A
13  Assets and capital expenditures S A
14  Rental payments S A
15  Mineral property expenses   Mi
16  Selected expenses S A
17  Detailed cost of materials   M,Mi
18  Fuels used   Mi
 Industry-Specific Inquiries
26-28  Various, by industry S S
26  Outsourcing Wh M
26  Franchise status S S

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | EC2012 BHS Team |   Last Revised: March 10, 2016 10:47:44