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2012 Economic Census

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General FAQs

This section answers the most frequently asked questions about the 2012 Economic Census. Other sections answer additional questions about survey coverage and forms. If you don't find answers to all of your survey questions, please contact staff.

Questions and Answers - by Category

  • Understanding the Census

1.  What is the Economic Census?
2.  Why is this census important?
3.  Why does the government conduct the Economic Census?
4.  Is completing the Economic Census mandatory?
5.  Will my answers be confidential?
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  • Receiving Census Forms

6.  Why did I receive a census form?
7.  Why did I receive so many forms?
8.  What if I don't have enough forms?
9.  What if I received the wrong form(s)?
10.  What if I didn't receive a form?
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  • Completing Your Forms

11.  When is my form due?
12.  Why is my form so long?
13.  What information is requested?
14.  Can I use estimates?
15.  Can I report on a fiscal year?
16.  My business activity is non-stationary (e.g., truck driver, cleaning service), and I do not operate at a single physical location. How do I report for Item 2 - Physical Location?
17.  What if I am a nonprofit organization?
18.  What if I am no longer in business?
19.  What if I am a private household?
20.  What if my business headquarters is in another country?
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  • Returning Completed Forms

21.  How do I return my completed form?
22.  What if I need more time?
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  • Using Your Computer

23.  What services are available online?
24.  Are online electronic services secure?
25.  What are the system requirements for reporting electronically?
26.  How do I access electronic reporting software?
27.  What if I need help using electronic reporting?
28.  I am having a problem accessing the Surveyor help file. Is there an alternative help file I can access?
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  • Using Census Results

29.  How can I use census statistics?
30.  How can I obtain census statistics?
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  • Additional Help

31.  What if I need more help?
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