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2012 Economic Census

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Report of Organization

1.  These questions seem to apply to manufacturers. Do I still need to complete them?
2.  Why have these questions been added to the form? It is too complicated.
3.  What is supposed to be reported as Operating Revenues and Net Sales?
4.  What are domestic inter-company sales?
5.  Should I include sales or excise taxes?
6.  As a tax exempt organization, should I include profits from investments / interest received / grant money received / gifts received / contributions received / receipts from the sale of assets as part of Operating Revenues and Net Sales?
7.  Should I include management fees collected from other company-owned establishments as part of Operating Revenues and Net Sales?
8.  I sell merchandise on a commission / agency basis, what do I report for Operating Revenue and Net Sales?
9.  Where do I report trademark royalties?
10.  Do royalty and license fees for the use of intellectual property include franchise fees received for the use of a tradename?
11.  Should I include the value of goods that are part of the franchise arrangement as part of the franchise fees?
12.  Should I include the sale of custom written software in the computer software category?
13.  What is included in Item 3C part B for revenues from royalties and license fees for rights to use intellectual property?
14.  I donít have records on the types of royalty and license fees for the use of intellectual property categories / share of revenue from contract manufacturing / share of the cost of sales from contract manufacturing. What do I do?
15.  Why include Franchise fees in Royalties and License Fees?
16.  What is contract manufacturing?

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