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2012 Economic Census
Forms & Instructions

Transportation and Warehousing (Sector 48)

Sample Form(s) and Information Sheet(s)
Form No. Form Description Single Unit
Information Sheet(s)
Information Sheet(s)
TW-48160 [PDF] Air Transportation UT-S_I_12 [PDF] UT-M_I_12 [PDF]
TW-48360 [PDF] Water Transportation UT-S_I_12 [PDF] UT-M_I_12 [PDF]
TW-48459 [PDF] Trucking and Warehousing (Enterprise Support) N/A UT-TW-A_I_12 [PDF]
TW-48460 [PDF] Trucking and Warehousing UT-S_I_12 [PDF] UT-M_I_12 [PDF]
TW-48490 [PDF] Trucking Classification N/A N/A
TW-48560 [PDF] Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation UT-S_I_12 [PDF] UT-M_I_12 [PDF]
TW-48601 [PDF] Pipelines UT-S_I_12 [PDF] UT-M_I_12 [PDF]
TW-48801 [PDF] Transportation Services UT-S_I_12 [PDF] UT-M_I_12 [PDF]

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