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2012 Economic Census
Forms & Instructions

Puerto Rico

Sample Form(s) and Information Sheet (s)
Form No. Form Description Information Sheet(s)
IA-97120 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Utilities, Transportation, and Warehousing IA-97120_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97123 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Construction IA-97123_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97130 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Manufacturing IA-97130_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97142 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Wholesale Trade IA-97142_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97144 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Retail Trade IA-97144_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97152 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Rental and Leasing IA-97152_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97172 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Accommodation Services
IA-97180 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Services IA-97180_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97190 [PDF] Puerto Rico - General Schedule IA-97190_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97220 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Utilidades, Transportación y Almacenaje IA-97220_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97223 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Industrias de Construcción IA-97223_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97230 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Manufactura IA-97230_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97242 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Comercio al Por Mayor IA-97242_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97244 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Comercio al Detal IA-97244_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97252 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Finanzas y Seguros, Bienes Raíces, Alquiler y Arrendamiento IA-97252_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97272 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Servicios de Alojamiento
IA-97280 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Servicios IA-97280_I_12 [PDF]
IA-97290 [PDF] Puerto Rico - Cuestionario General IA-97290_I_12 [PDF]

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