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2012 Economic Census

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Additional Help

31.  What if I need more help?

Please review all of the Economic Census materials you received, including the letter, forms, and instruction sheets in your mail package. If you have questions, explore the resources available on this Business Help Site. There is a separate FAQ page for each Census form/group of forms. If you still have questions or need help completing your forms, please contact your company account manager or contact staff. Resources available at this site include:

  • Forms and Information Sheets. At any page on this site, you can use the Forms & Instructions tab to select almost any census form, view a copy of it, view instructions for completing it, and review a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the form/group of forms.
  • Electronic reporting assistance. At any page on this site, you can click on the Report Now choice to confirm electronic reporting specifications, register for electronic services, and find detailed instructions about completing your forms online.
  • Administrative assistance. From any page on this site, you can click on the Self-Service Log in choice to request more census forms, request extensions of time, check on reporting status, or obtain other assistance.

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