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2012 Economic Census

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Using Census Results

29.  How can I use census statistics?

Businesses can use census statistics to improve their profitability and efficiency, and to better understand their markets. Indirectly, businesses use census statistics every time the Census Bureau's monthly, quarterly, and annual reports are featured in news reports, presented in business analyses and industry publications, or incorporated into commercial and other agency data services. In addition, businesses like yours can use census statistics to:

  • Gauge competition. Manufacturers can compare their value-added per employee to the census average for their industries, assess their relative operating efficiency, and plan changes needed to increase profitability.
  • Calculate market share. Suppliers of business materials and services can compare their sales to census totals for state and local areas, determine their market shares for each area, and define marketing areas and sales targets.
  • Evaluate store locations. Retail businesses can compare their sales to local census totals for their industry, and to local population and income statistics, to decide which locations are best for new or expanded store operations.
  • Seek new financing. Businesses in need of equity or loan financing can use census statistics for their industry, related industries, and sales markets to produce more informative prospectuses, financing applications, and business presentations.

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30.  How can I obtain census statistics?

Statistics from the 2012 Economic Census will become available starting early in 2013. Complete census statistics for 2007 and previous census years are available at and also at many local and university libraries, State Data Centers, Census Information Centers, U.S. Census Bureau Regional Offices, and the U.S. Census Bureau headquarters Customer Services office. A comprehensive view of available Census Bureau economic statistics is available online at

  • The results of the 2007 Economic Census are available online, along with a guide to obtaining and using the data, at
  • The Economic Census is the foundation for many other U.S. Census Bureau economic statistics programs. You can obtain results from these related programs at
  • To contact the U.S. Census Bureau Customer Services office, please call 301-763-INFO, or write to Customer Services, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington, DC 20233-0800.

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