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2012 Economic Census

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Due Date

February 12, 2013

Reporting Online

1.  Where do I find my User ID and Password?

We provide the User ID (UID) and Password (PW) on the cover letter and upper left side of the form contained in your mailout packet.

Note: Passwords are case sensitive.

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2.  My business was not in operation in 2012. Do I still have to fill out the survey?

Yes, you should select the appropriate response for item 3 and report “0” months in operation on item 4.  Navigate to the end of the form until you return to the Main Menu. You cannot submit your survey with error(s).

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3.  I am locked out of the system. How do I get back in?

The system locks you out after five failed login attempts. You may log back in after 15 minutes.

Note: Passwords are case sensitive.

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4.  How do I save my data?

The system saves data when you navigate away from the current page by using the “Next,” the “Previous,” or the “Main Menu” buttons.

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5.  How do I navigate between items?

You can use the “Next” or the “Previous” buttons to navigate to items immediately following and preceding the current item you are viewing. The buttons are centered towards the bottom of the screen.

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6.  The display of images and text on the screen seems strange. I cannot find the “Next” or the “Previous” buttons. How do I fix this?

The website pages are optimized for viewing when the browser’s zoom level is 100%. Do not use your browser’s Zoom or Zoom Text Only features to change the zoom to a number other than 100%. If necessary, check your browser’s Help index to assist you in resetting the zoom level to 100%.

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7.  How do I go back to reference a previous item?

You can navigate back to any item by selecting the “Previous” button until you reach the item.

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8.  Are all TOTAL fields automatically calculated?

Most totals are automatically calculated, but you should always check automatically calculated totals to ensure the accuracy of data.  Some totals are not automatically calculated, and the totals for those fields should also be completed along with the details.

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9.  Why did my TOTALS stop automatically calculating?

If total fields on an item previously automatically calculated, and the totals have stopped calculating, the web page’s built-in calculation has stopped working because of navigation between pages. Please continue to report the required data by manually calculating the total fields.

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10.  How do I correct my Errors or Warnings from the Review Screen?

Once you have visited all items on a form, the “Next” button automatically navigates you to the Review Screen. The Review Screen provides links to all the items on a given form along with the error/warning status of each item. On the Review Screen, items with errors have a pinkish highlight and a display of "error."

To correct Errors or Warnings, select the item link from the Review Screen to navigate to the item.

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11.  I fixed the Error or the Warning on an item. Why am I still getting an Error or a Warning message?

When an Error or a Warning is displayed, the data fields that need correction are specified in the message at the top and the bottom of the item. To clear the Error or the Warning message, you must complete the specified data field(s), and select the “Next,” the “Previous,” or the “Main Menu” buttons.

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12.  How do I submit my form?

Once all forms listed on the Main Menu are complete without errors, your “Submit” button is activated. From the Main Menu, select the “Submit” button to submit your forms.

Note: Once you submit your data, the “Submit” button locks again. You can only submit your forms once a day. If you have corrections or further data to report, you can log in again in twenty-four hours to submit a second time.

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13.  Do I have to complete all forms to submit my survey?

Yes, the forms you see are your 2012 Economic Census forms.  If the Main Menu displays multiple forms, you must visit every item on every form. You will be able to submit your data once you complete all forms without errors.

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14.  The Main Menu shows I have no Errors or Warnings on my form(s). Why can't I submit my data?

The Main Menu only reports Errors and Warnings contained on items that you have previously visited. In order to submit your data, you must visit EVERY item on EVERY form and have no errors on any of the forms.

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15.  How do I know you received my data?

The Census Bureau updates your filing status two to three business days after you submit your data. To check on your filing status, visit the Self-Service Log in section of our website or call 1-800-233-6136 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, and a service representative will assist you. Note: You must have your User ID and Password to check your filing status.

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16.  Why don't I see all of my data on the PDF?

If you selected the “Print PDF” button on the Main Menu to print your form, but you do not see the data you entered, your Adobe JavaScript may be disabled. Check your Adobe settings to ensure your Adobe JavaScript is enabled: open Adobe, go to “Edit,” select “Preferences,” choose “JavaScript,” and check “Enable Acrobat JavaScript.”

If your printed PDF includes the data you entered with some data missing (i.e., certain fields have been truncated), this is a known issue. Note: Once submitted, the Census Bureau will be able to process all the data you reported even if some fields are truncated on the PDF. For your own records, you can print an item that has truncated fields on the PDF printout by navigating to that item on the website, and printing the item through your browser’s print options.

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17.  Why does the data printed on the second page of my printed item not match what is displayed on the screen?

There is a known issue when using the print option in Firefox; only the first page of the item prints correctly. To fix the issue, change the browser's print scale to 100% or print using the “Print PDF” button on the Main Menu. If necessary, check your browser's Help index to assist you in changing the print scale.

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18.  Why are some background colors and images missing from my printed form?

This is caused by the default Page Setup options in some browsers. You can fix the issues by making sure that the “Page Setup” option to print background colors and images is selected in your Internet browser. 

Further, using the “Print PDF” option on the Main Menu may correct the problem.

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau | EC2012 BHS Team |   Last Revised: July 22, 2014 11:20:38