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Survey of Business Owners and Self-Employed Persons (SBO)

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Returning Your Completed Form

13.  What if I need more time?

Your completed form is due 30 days after receipt. If you cannot return your completed form within that time, please visit the SBO Business Help Site and click on Self-Service to request a time extension.

If your 2012 SBO form requests information that is not in your available business records, you may use reasonable estimates. The Census Bureau has found that estimates from business officials are more accurate than industry averages or other estimates and increase the reliability of statistics when combined with information from other similar businesses.

If you want to clarify the survey request, discuss use of your available business records, or obtain help in preparing an estimate, please call 1-888-824-9954 Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Eastern time. When calling, please refer to the name of the survey (SBO) the 11-digit User ID shown to the left of the address label on the report form.

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