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2012 Economic Census (NC-99023 and NC-99026 forms)

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Understanding Classification Forms

1.  What is a Classification Form?

Classification Forms are part of the 2012 Economic Census and are intended to collect information on the industry in which a business operates. Classification Forms collect the minimum amount of information necessary to properly classify businesses, while at the same time making the reporting process as easy as possible for respondents.

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2.  When are Classification Forms mailed?

Classification forms are mailed out starting in October 2012.

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3.  Is this form mandatory?

Yes. Your response is required by law. Title 13 of the U.S. Code requires businesses and other organizations that receive the
questionnaire(s) to answer the questions and return the report(s) to the Census Bureau. The law also provides that copies retained in your files are confidential and immune from legal process.

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4.  What types of businesses receive Classification Forms?

All types of businesses that are in scope for the 2012 Economic Census can receive a Classification Form. In particular, small businesses are subject to receiving a Classification Form.

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5.  Why do I need to fill this form out?

We need your assistance to accurately classify your firm into the correct industry for the 2012 Economic Census. Economic data are essential to business and government decision-making, and reliable data for your business require accurate industry classification. Completion of your classification form also ensures that the U.S. Census Bureau's records are accurate and up to date.

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6.  Will my answers be confidential?

Yes. Federal law guarantees the confidentiality of information you provide on your census form. The United States Code, Title 13, Chapters 1 and 7, restricts who can view your information, places limits on how they can use it, and provides stiff penalties for any violations. In addition, your information is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, and any file copies you retain are immune from legal process.
  • Restricted access. Your information will be seen only by persons sworn to uphold the confidentiality of Census Bureau information. The penalty for any violation is a fine of up to $5,000, imprisonment for up to 5 years, or both.

  • Limited use. Persons who are authorized access to your information can use it only for statistical purposes, and in such a way that does not identify you or your business. Sharing your data with any unauthorized persons is prohibited.

  • Census Publications. Only aggregated statistics that combine information from many businesses are published. They do not identify individual businesses or their operations.

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7.  If I receive a Classification Form will I also receive another census form for the 2012 Economic Census?

We mail most businesses one form to minimize respondent reporting burden. However, after returning your Classification Form, some businesses may be mailed a second Economic Census form requesting additional information.

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