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Commodity Flow Survey (CFS)

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Welcome to the main page for the Commodity Flow Survey (CFS). If you are ready to report, please use the "Survey Log in" button below. If you are looking for information about this survey, please browse through the information on this page or use the tabs above to find additional information.

Ready to start?
The 2012 Commodity Flow Survey data collection period has concluded. If you have been selected for the 2017 Commodity Flow Survey Advance Questionnaire, please visit

Sample Selection Calculator  
Will assist you in identifying the sample of shipment records to report in the 2012 CFS.

Shipment Characteristics Spreadsheet [XLS] (189Kb) 
An excel template used to upload your shipments data (Item F of the 2012 CFS questionnaire) into the online survey.

Weight Conversion Tables
Shipment weight conversions of selected commodities for reporting in Item F of the questionnaire.

How to Sample Your Shipment Records
A video that provides step-by-step instructions about how to select a sample of your shipment records to report in the 2012 CFS.

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